FHI offers consultative and business management services designed to help build efficiencies, improve data quality and achieve the goals of our clients. Whether you need help coordinating projects, developing case management systems or managing data quality, FHI will take your project to the next level.

Project Coordination

Founded to help build efficiencies in statewide healthcare projects across New Jersey, FHI has experience bringing together government agencies and nonprofits of varying sizes, scopes and missions with the purpose of addressing a common goal. These projects are often diverse in nature and take many forms including health education, outreach, onboarding, marketing, proposal writing and even direct service.

Quality Improvement / Data Management

When your organization’s funding is tied to specific goals and outcomes, it is essential that you measure the most accurate data streams. As a leader in data collection, management and analysis, we understand the value of quality data collection and the role that it plays in making informed decisions and grant reports. FHI will help you meet the demands of today’s funders for sophisticated outcome data with customized tools and processes that support your organization’s unique structure. Our IT infrastructure includes expert staff, state-of the art technology and system redundancy for data security.